How to use Inticup 

It is recommended to wash the menstrual cup every time before use and after each emptying with mild soap water. The cup should be boiled for 3 to 5 minutes before first use as well as after each monthly period. The menstrual cup is kept in a cloth bag in a dry place and protected from sunlight.

Easy to use:

The Inticup menstrual cup is an easy to use, anatomically formed silicon cup worn inside the vagina to collect menstrual fluid. The package contains two cups: one for the lighter flow at the beginning and at the end of the menstruation as well as one for heavy flow. The Inticup offers you an easy period!

Safe and durable:

The Inticup is a safe, cost-efficient and eco-friendly option for pads and tampons. Since the menstrual cup does not change the fluid balance of the vagina or dry out the mucous membrane, it is safer than disposable feminine hygiene products.
It also allows the vagina to naturally remove dead cells and bacteria along with the menstrual fluid.

The Inticup is made from medical grade silicon, which is an easily cleaned and safe material. Besides being cost-efficient #the menstrual cup is also eco-friendly, as it can be used again and again.

Using the Inticup is easy: Read the instructions on how to use and clean your menstrual cup to ensure several years of usage.

Instructions for you to download:

Be patient when using the Inticup for the first time, as inserting the cup and using it might feel like a challenge at first. Don’t worry, after a few periods you will notice how easy it is to use a menstrual cup!

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